Changeling Tale Demo 1.2 Released!

New for Demo Version 1.2

- Added howling Jessie sprite
- Added revert TF sprites for Jessie
- Added new poses for Balgair, Alana & Jessie

- Added details to Ach-na-Creige background
- Added details to MacLeod Living Room background
- Separated the table as a foreground element in the pub to include motion parallax
- Created new setting for the MacLeods' house (the original, smaller one is now the Campbells' house)
- Updated Scene Gallery accordingly

Scenes & Frames
- Added new scenes and frames for the nighttime hunt
- Added new Marion frame
- Added End Card for Jessie's bad end
- Replaced some blank scenes with appropriate settings
- Updated Scene Gallery accordingly

- Added chime sound to game start button
- Put the pub back room song on the appropriate channel so it can be controlled by the music slider

- Tweaked attack scene wording to match the new imagery
- Added new backers to credits

Files 177 MB
Oct 27, 2017 162 MB
Oct 27, 2017
ChangelingTaleDemo-1.2-linux.tar.bz2 166 MB
Oct 27, 2017

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