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Changeling Tale Demo 1.3 Released!
New for Demo Version 1.3 - Added Marion's Chapter 2 - Merged in all current in-progress Alpha updates as of 0.3.33 - New Achievements, as well as easter egg unl...
6 files — 1.3.0
Changeling Tale Demo 1.2 Released!
New for Demo Version 1.2 Sprites - Added howling Jessie sprite - Added revert TF sprites for Jessie - Added new poses for Balgair, Alana & Jessie Settings - Add...
3 files
Changeling Tale Demo 1.1 Released!
New for Demo Version 1.1 Overhauled GUI Created new celtic paper themed dialogue boxes, menus, frames and buttons Created new title logo Adjusted color, outline...
3 files
Changeling Tale Demo 1.0 Released!
It's official, Changeling Tale is now on! We've uploaded the initial demo files here and will keep them up to date as new builds are made. If you have a...
3 files